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This was very easy to sign up and buy cant wait for my scents to come

Practical and exciting

Love not having to carry around a big bottle of perfume. And its exciting wondering what you'll get next. At first I was a bit sceptical about it but I really do love it!!

Love It!!!!

Great product, and is a great way to discover new cologne that u never heard or wanted to try. Happy to be a member of ScentClub

Great idea

Love this! I got confused walking into stores and trying different perfumes to figure out what I wanted. This way I get to try a scent for a longer period of time to see if I am willing to purchase a full bottle.

Something just for me!

I received this subscription as a gift from my husband. Possibly the best gift EVER! Love receiving my scents, takes the pain out of trying to find a new perfume.

Just what I needed!

I usually never think of perfume, so having this subscription is so useful! Although the range isn’t revolutionary, I’m loving the scents that I receive, and the packaging is thoughtful. It’s such a simple, yet genius idea. I love that they send a description of the scent that they send so that I can train my nose too ☺️

At Last!

Well now I can indulge my senses and try many new untried fragrances to discover my new favourites. The scent club is heaven sent. I can for a small cost experience perfumes I have only considered and hesitated over because I did not want waste money. Thank you Scent Club I look forward each month to receiving a refreshing taste of new fragrances in my collection.

Love It 🙂

Im Always Looking For New Scents To Try So This Is Awesome 🙂

Great idea and options

Fantastic concept

The Best !!

Honestly the best words can't discribe how satisfying I am !!
Always send the best smelling cologne a men could want..
The lady's love it

Amazing subscription

Always on time with amazing fragrances, good selection highly recommend

First Order

After having ordered this for the first time and not knowing what to expect, I've found that I am receiving a quality product in its legitimate form. Unfortunately, it is a limited amount, however, in that limited amount, I am receiving a good dosage to try for a month if I want to commit to that fragrance. Great idea for a gift.

Insane product

So professionally packed ! Smells amazing couldn’t of been happier with an incredible range of scents defiantly sticking with you guys 100%

First package

This was my first package and I was gobsmacked at how well it was packaged and how professional everything was the perfume smells amazing and you offer such a great range of scents and I’m definitely sticking with you guys 10/10

Perfume Nut

Easy to order
Comes quickly and so well presented
and smells AMAZING!!!

Amazing Product

great product, smells amazing and is very affordable! Look forward to receiving many more scents!

Love the idea has been good trying out new ones without having to buy a full bottle then not liking it.


Great service, amazing products.
Great range


I recently joined scent club and all i can say is WOW. I’m keen to start my own collection of fragrances and so far I’m loving the way they smell!


Always had trouble finding a new scent, so much cheaper and easier to experiment with sents!!


Great way to enjoy new scents.. However sampling is dangerous.. 😁

Good value and range

Very good range of scents and the sprayer is very good quality

Loved it

I LOVED receiving my monthly NEW scent!
Loved the service
I never had a problem
And it would last me the month thank you 🥰

Great Variety and service

100% recommend scent club

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