ScentClub – Gift Subscription – 6 or 12 months

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Gift someone special with our Scent Subscription

Monthly supply of scents
200+ different options
Free shipping AU Wide


We know… Choosing the right gift is a mission, especially with such a personal thing as fragrances. With ScentClub it becomes a breeze!

Simply choose one of our subscriptions and gift someone special with the power of choice!

They will be able to fill the Smart Scent Quiz and add Scents to their Wishlists, that way they will receive fragrances that best match their preferences.

How does it work

When you buy a ScentClub subscription to someone we make sure that the whole experience is as exciting and exceptional as our service.

At the checkout you will prompt to answer the following questions:

  • Name of the recipient
  • Email of the recipient
  • Date that you wish for the ScentClub invitation email to arrive
  • Special message from you to be added to the invitation email

They will get a ScentClub invitation email at the chosen date. That email provides information about how to access their account and start the ScentClub experience. Through that account, they will be able to fill the Smart Scent Quiz and add fragrances to their Wishlist.

Every month we will pick a fragrance for them, based both on their Smart Scent Quiz and on the Wishlist.

The fragrance is shipped monthly after two business days from the order confirmation.

To comply with Australian Post regulations, perfumes are sent as “Carriage by Road Only“.  They can expect to receive their perfume within 10 days once it has been shipped.

What will they get?

  1. Before the subscription starts, they will get a Welcome email, with instructions about ScentClub and a personal message from you.
  2. On the first month, they will get their scent of the month (8ml), a beautiful protective case for their fragrance. Yes, they will be able to choose the color of the case.
  3. For the rest of the length of the subscription, they will receive, each month, one fragrance (8ml) straight to the comfort of their homes.



ScentClub – Gift Subscription – 6 or 12 months
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