Blomma Cult

Blomma Cult

Room 1015
Eau de Parfum

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Size: 8ml

Blomma Cult is a floral, sensual and bewitching fragrance built around patchouli and cashmeran. It is my olfactory perception of the 1960’s and1970’s counterculture movement with the sexual liberation and the rise of the hippie culture. Blomma Cult is a scented sex symbol from the glory days of the Free Love era, with vanilla and cinnamon liberating sweet, demure violets in a sensual revolution. Smooth, silky cashmeran, rough, spiky patchouli and skin-soft musk slyly offer a world of brand-new temptations.



Rebottled Blomma Cult by ScentClub Australia, an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Room 1015


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Room 1015




Floral, Powdery, Woody


Class, Date, Everyday, Office, Party, Workout


Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

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